Madeleine Preston is a Sydney based artist working in painting, sculpture, and installation. The current focus of her practice is how people choose to remember the past and how and what they choose to forget. She is a director of Home@735 Gallery in Redfern


OverUnderSidewaysDown opening night

OverUnderSidewaysDown opening was a great night with a performance by Trevor Fry. The Show runs till the 26th June and includes work by amazing artists including Lynda Draper, Stephen Benwell and Jenny Orchard.

image shows work of Lynda Draper in the foreground


Art Guide Ad for upcoming Bus Projects Show

The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie is heading South well to Melbourne and opens on the 8th June details here from the current Art Guide. The show opens on the 8th of June from 6-8pm at 25-31 Rokeby Street Collingwood Melbourne.


ABC TV's The Mix visits Home@735 Gallery

And then this happened… thanks to Zok and the team from The Mix for visiting the gallery I am co-director of with my partner Anthony Bautovich. Was a great night and a great show with work from Tarik Ahlip, Amber Boardman, Tina Havelock Stevens, Kern Hendricks, Cat Hope and Teo Treloar. To view the program go to



OUSD coming soon to Manly Art Gallery & Museum


The Battle for Waterloo

Today was the Redfern Biennale the clusterfck in the words of the organiser of street level art in an area most at risk from Sydney’s voracious developers and cap in hand state government. Over 40 artists made work to put out on the street counter to the gigantism of the Sydney Biennale.

image by VenturAShot