Madeleine Preston is a Sydney based artist working in painting, sculpture, and installation. The current focus of her practice is how people choose to remember the past and how and what they choose to forget. She is a director of Home@735 Gallery in Redfern

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CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE & VIEW GALLERY Installations by fourteen artists and architects exhibited throughout a Forest Lodge terrace. Curated by Sarah Nolan, director of Branch Gallery, Bunkered explored future living possibilities, issues and interpretations of climate change. The artists who exhibited at Bunkered were: Aaron Anderson, Lisa Andrew, Sarah Breen Lovett, Kuba Dorabialski, Kath Fries Yvette Hamilton, Anna Horne, Rachael McCallum, Sarah Nolan, Office Feuerman, Katy B Plummer, Madeleine Preston, Marlene Sarroff, and Lotte Schwerdtfeger. Video stills from video by Michael Filocamo commissioned by Sarah Nolan.