Madeleine Preston is a Sydney based artist working in painting, sculpture, and installation. The current focus of her practice is how people choose to remember the past and how and what they choose to forget. She is a director of Home@735 Gallery in Redfern

Work (click on pics to enter galleries) > Intolerable Leisure (textile, copper and ceramic sculpture) (19)


Intolerable Leisure is based upon the city of Paris as the artist remembers it. In this iteration of the city its inhabitants and their decadent patrician and migrant histories mingle in the unconscious mind... ...Paris is the museum of the West... logical connections are made between disparate things. No other place has swallowed so much of the world and has held it in its mouth for so long. Existence is elsewhere.*André Breton, Manifestoes Of Surrealism. Ann Arbor: Univ. of Michigan Press, 1972. S.R McDonald’s exhibition essay. Project assisted by The Australia Council & NAVA.