Madeleine Preston is a Sydney based artist working in painting, sculpture, and installation. The current focus of her practice is how people choose to remember the past and how and what they choose to forget. She is a director of Home@735 Gallery in Redfern

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CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE & VIEW GALLERY Inspired by plan drawers acquired by artist Connie Anthes, Low Relief explores shallow space & its relation to mapping place, time & ideas of perception. 20 artists responded to a drawer with its original label intact. Artists: Matthew Allen, Sarah Breen Lovett, Catherine Cassidy, Criena Court, Michaela Gleave, Sarah Goffman, David Haines, Janet Haslett, Greg Hodge, Leahlani Johnson, Anna Kristensen, Abbas Makrab, Noel McKenna, Ian Millis, Eric Niebuhr, Peter Nelson, Madeleine Preston, Peter Sharp, Floria Tosca, and Paul Williams. Curated by Connie Anthes.