Madeleine Preston is a Sydney based artist working in painting, sculpture, and installation. The current focus of her practice is how people choose to remember the past and how and what they choose to forget. She is a director of Home@735 Gallery in Redfern

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OVERUNDERSIDEWAYSDOWN explored ceramics present currency within the art world and the reasons why it is of interest to artists. OUSD excavates this interest and brings together artists, some of whom have long careers with ceramics stretching back decades, and others whose engagement with it has irrevocably changed the way they work, what they make and how they make it. The exhibition included the work of Stephen Baxter, Stephen Benwell, Angela Brennan, Lynda Draper, Trevor Fry, Emily Hunt, Rupert Jack, Rachael McCallum, Sharon Muir, Jenny Orchard, Dawn Vachon and my ceramic installation Little Deaths